Me, probably in mid-2013Yep, you found me.

If you were looking for a Dana Seilhan outside of Russia, that’s probably me–and if you were looking for a Dana Seilhan IN Russia, her last name would actually be Seilhanova, so it’s probably me anyway. And I’ve never been to Russia, so why are you looking in Russia?

Silly hoomin.

This is not meant to be a résumé or portfolio site. It will, however, link to other sites that serve those functions. Kind of like my page does, and I have no idea why I bothered setting one up. I must have been bored or something.

I am a Southern (Cajun) transplant living in central Ohio. I am a single mom (both of adoption loss and of a kept younger child) who works at child-rearing, homeschooling, cat-slaving, housekeeping (badly), and amateur philosophy. My favored subjects are politics, religion, health, nutrition, and culture–past and present. When I’m not obsessing over that stuff (wait, when am I NOT obsessing over that stuff?), I’m binge-watching Netflix while stitching or otherwise working away on some project or other that I may or may not finish and which may or may not bore people when it’s done.

Kind of like this website, actually. Have a look around, when there’s something to look at. Say Hi, if you want.