This is Dana Seilhan’s homepage.

“What’s a homepage?”

Oh, my sweet social-media child. This is a homepage. Who needs Linktree?

You Might Be Wondering

Can I learn more about you on this site?

Kind of. It would help if I had more content here. I seem to have gotten really avoidant and indecisive about that over the past decade-plus, but since late 2021 I find myself with a lot more personal time, and slowly I’m learning to use it more effectively. So, who knows? There may be more here soon.

Can I use this to contact you?

You sure can. Go to the contact page to find out how.

Can I use this or other stuff about you, on the internet or on social media, to ruin your life or deny you employment?

I can’t control what you do or do not say or do with information you find about anyone anywhere. I will say this: If anything I’ve said or done publicly merits my being shunned, abused, or denied employment, ever, that says more about the person punishing me than it does about me.

Am I a saint? Hell no. Have I fucked up in life? Absolutely. But it points to how fundamentally sick this culture is that serial killers get free room and board and a fucking fan club (seriously, they have fans writing to them!) while, say, a woman who speaks out against an abuser or who knows what a woman is can lose her job or even be denied employment in the first place. This is who you are, Society. Look in the mirror. I have my issues, but I’d take mine over yours any day.

If you are a prospective or current employer, everything you need to know about me can be found here. All the years I spent working before I went Full-Time Mom, I was constantly given the message, “keep work life and personal life separate.” Now, all of a sudden, some employers don’t do that anymore. For the record, I would never want to work for any employer who would go check to see whether I swear on Facebook. Or who would look me up there at all. (And if you try to friend me? Oh, we are done.) If you have time to do stupid things like that, clearly you do not need more employees. You likely, in fact, could cut down on the ones you have. Doesn’t sound very promising in terms of long-term prospects. Think I’ll look elsewhere.

[Last updated (this individual page): 25 July 2022]