I am a Gen X survivor of the Boomer culture wars.

My parents divorced when I was still a baby and my dad got custody of me when I was three, so I grew up with him and my stepmother and because he was career Navy, I moved around a lot. I don’t really know my extended family, and I don’t really have a hometown. The closest I’ve gotten is thanks to the fact I’ve lived in central Ohio, with the exception of about nine or ten months, since late 2002. Ohio has grown on me so, inasmuch as I could be said to have a hometown, I suppose Columbus is it.

“What’s in Columbus, Ohio?”

Well, let’s see: an extensive banking and insurance industry, the corporate offices for Wendy’s, the place where Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams got its start? This was also the setting for Family Ties in the 1980s, though I’d bet money I don’t have they didn’t actually film here. Also it’s the hometown for Ohio State University’s famous marching band, the “Best Damn Band in the Land” or TBDBITL, and also their Buckeyes [American] football team. So, there’s some stuff here. Also a lot of nice city parks and one of the top ten public library systems in the entire United States.

No big.

After almost five decades’ worth of family drama, relationship problems, interpersonal problems, and professional failure, I’m sort of going it alone for a while. I have very specific ideas for what I want to do with the back end of my life, at least while I’m still young enough to get around and Do Stuff, but it remains to be seen whether I’ll get any of it done. My life may be too damaged at this point, and we’re going into a recession. Not great timing.

I like to argue on the internet about shit I can’t change, plan things out that I never actually create, regret everything wrong I’ve ever done in my life, watch shows I’ve already seen or read books I’ve already read about fifty times already, and obsess over men I can’t have. I also sing. In my car. When no one’s there.

(Except my daughter. She never seemed to mind.)

I like cats and classic rock and driving around aimlessly (or not aimlessly, bonus if there are no idiots on the roads) and shopping for craft supplies I seldom use and staying up late and sleeping in and eating sushi. But not in bed. That would be gross.

I should have been a writer. I might still be, yet.

Last updated: 28 September 2022