I’m just me. What, you wanted something profound?

If you’re just curious, obviously look at all the page tabs up in the menu there ^^^ and also, the blog area (helpfully labeled Stuff and Thangs as an homage to my Walking Dead fandom) will have bits and pieces of trivia about me. If there’s a lot of stuff there to scroll through, here’s the first post and you can just follow the “next” link (upper right side) on through. You’ll see what I mean.

…this site:

This is not a CV/ résumé website. It’s not a portfolio website, although it links to some sites that have what passes for my “work” on them. It’s not a diary-blog type of website; I have one of those, but I leave my full name off of it. I’m 90% an open book but I find that, for the most part, nobody cares. Also it might create other issues, and not just for me, at some point if folks mentioned in it were identifiable. So I will not be linking to it from here.

This site is not optimized for cell/mobile phones. That is deliberate. I prefer to keep visits from semi-literate phone zombies to a minimum. If you have a real computer, or even a tablet, it should look better there.

What this site IS, is my homepage. I put what I want here, and you can look at it or not. See? Let’s all be adults about it. Thanks.

Last updated: 22 February 2020