Administrivia: 08 April 2023

Updated this page; it was far out of date. I’m not on sure footing yet, but hopefully I’m on the way to it.

Added this new page. I may change it to “nerd” at some point. We’ll see.

I haven’t been very with-it to work on this shit at all. I’m not in that great of shape today, actually; I woke with a headache and it was a mild migraine — yes, those are a thing — so even when the pain was mostly gone I still felt like shit. But today I guess I’m in the right headspace for at least small updates.

Got my Substacks rearranged around to a setup I like better. Now to actually write in the fuckers, but we’re halfway there.

And now that I’ve given you that earworm (whoa!), let me get on with things some more. Also my Minecraft game I’ve got running, and am writing during its night cycles.