Administrivia: 21 January 2023

Added in a fucking beg page in the name of not leaving any stone unturned.

I am not interested in anyone’s fucking editorial comments on why I deserve to be where I am or any bullshit like that. You wouldn’t treat a pit bull that way. Either you’d put a bullet in his brain so he’d never maul another kid, or you’d go all googoo eyes all over him and strive to find him a forever home even though you don’t know his personal history.

I promise nothing I’ve ever done has ever been as bad as ripping a little boy’s scalp off. So lay off the bullshit. If you can’t or won’t help, don’t hurt either — just shut the fuck up and go away.


To everyone else: I don’t expect anything, I’m just putting that out as a maybe-let’s-see. I fully expect it to be ignored, but I’m in a mode of searching for resources and that’s a potential resource. Hopefully you understand.

Okay. Got driving to do. ‘Later.