Administrivia: 25 July 2022

This section of my homepage is where I update you on what I’ve changed here or what I’m doing elsewhere.

I’ve edited the front page for the first time in a while. “Under construction” notes are kind of hokey, aren’t they? That’s gone now. (There’s still a sort of reference to Things Being In Progress but it’s not all there is now.) Changed the name of the blog section. It’s not as original as it was, but this isn’t going to be what you’d call a fully-developed blog anyway. I have one of those, and unless I get it to where I like it better, I won’t be linking to it from this site. (And it doesn’t have my full name mentioned on it anywhere either so, unless you already know where it is, you’re not going to find it.)

I have a Substack now too. I won’t link to it yet because I need to tweak some settings again, but after that I will.

And other stuff going on, ditto.