Administrivia: 28 May 2024

Trip to California was supposed to run from Sunday to Wednesday. I got delayed two days, so I got here Friday. Stuff’s going okay. Part of me wants to write it all up and part of me’s still in sort of a daze. (And anyway, I wouldn’t write it up here.)

Who on earth is now visiting me from Columbus, and who pops in from Dublin? Right, wait, I don’t know if I mentioned the visitor counter. There’s a visitor counter. Iiiiii seeeeeee yooooouuuuu. Sort of. Can’t see your name or home address. Definitely can see you’ve been by.

Not that the IP-parsing is always reliable about locations. I have not excluded my home IP address, so I can tell I’ve been here but… it thinks I’m in both Canada and in California. Make it make sense. I dunno. I don’t write these plugins.

[edit] Why the hell was my time set to Greenwich Mean? Ugh. Fixed it.