administrivia: 30 August 2021

I sure know how to put off going to bed (it’s 3:22am as I start this). Now it’s puttering around with my homepage. I have brought some pages that had previously been hidden back online and updated. I also edited the front page. Glob knows whether I will still be happy with stuff three days from now but for now, it’ll do.

So here’s what’s here.

edited front page

about page that had had a different name briefly but it was too close to “stuff and thangs” so now it’s back to boring

contact — cleaned up nicely, does what it says on the tin (okay, no contact form, but that was abused… just follow the directions)

social media because under a previous theme the image links to my social media accounts were, I believe, on every page but they are not now, so it was go back to listing every individual account I want linked from this page and then other info underneath, YAWN.

And of course the blog but if you can’t find that, you’re not really trying. (HELLO. YOU ARE IN IT.)

And now I’m off to bed.