Administrivia: 31 August 2021

First up, confidential to WordPress dot org: Keep the Classic Editor plugin forever, and keep it updated.

I did not say “please”. I won’t.

I’m tired of being forced into unnecessary internetty things I don’t want. By all means continue with your ridiculous little block editor. I’m sure there are people who like it. 🙄 There are a lot of us who don’t. We don’t need it. Classic Editor meets our needs and then some.

Hell, I’m not even using the visual editor function. I’m that old-school.

You claim to be all about usability. That has got to count for all kinds of blogging styles, not just the trendy one you want to push currently.

I bet there’s some way to go back to Greymatter, or something very like it, if this becomes an issue. I know you don’t care, but stop pretending you’re the only game in town.

Think about it. Seriously.


I decided to do something a little different with the blog link in the menu bar and the blog title. I’m bored. What can I say. Life is currently all about shaking my life loose and making sure I survive the process, and it’s a remarkably tedious undertaking. This introvert actually misses people, and if I have to act stupid on the internet to make up somewhat for the lack, I guess I will do that. I’m about to miss them even more than I did already, so you can imagine how much more stupid it will get around here.


Also, strike-that-reverse-it on the social media page (see menu ^^^ ). I forgot there is a footer menu for social media links. Don’t know why I fucking care, but once it’s in place I don’t have to think about it again for a while, so there’s that.