Adventures in diabetes

So, after lots of years struggling with blood sugar issues, I finally got a type 2 diabetes diagnosis this past March.

Unfortunately, I was living with my father who believes all diet-related health ills come from eating large quantities of food and that what food you eat is irrelevant. So we basically had nothing around the house but meat, crap, and a few sorry little efforts at eating fruit and vegetables and usually those were canned. Fruit and vegetables don’t make people as healthy as we’ve all been told, but Dad buys into the idea, so his take on plant foods was a bit odd, considering.

I tried to cope with metformin but it really wasn’t doing anything. I wasn’t going to go on any of the shots. Turns out they slow down gut transit time and that’s going to cause a whole lot of other issues over time. I have diverticulosis anyway. Like, a ridiculous amount of it. Don’t wanna slow the food down.

I got my primary care clinic to prescribe me a meter and strips, and then I heard from the nearest hospital system about getting into a special diabetes program, so now I have two meters each with their own lancets and strips. The hospital’s meter talks to an app, which I find very helpful. I also learned I can get replacement strips off Amazon, which is also very helpful considering my current situation. Because I’m no longer in Louisiana, thus no longer on Louisiana Medicaid, thus I’m not in their program anymore. (They don’t know this yet. One more loose end I have to tie up.)

So, since I got to California, I have been transitioning over to a carnivore or mostly-carnivore diet. I leave it open to maybe eat nuts or maybe a little bit of fruit, and I count dairy as carnivore even if most of you don’t. But that’s where I am. And I’m annoyed. I tested for the first time in literal weeks and I’m in the 120s mg/dl. Long after breakfast. I haven’t been eating the nuts and fruit, either — I just mentioned that in passing. Hasn’t actually been in the diet.

I do drink coffee. I wonder if that has any effect.

I noticed back in Louisiana that if I’d gone out and had a really busy day delivering food, my sugar went lower. So maybe the answer is just to take a lot of walks. I am without a car now anyway, so I would have to walk anyway, but if it gets my sugar down, that’s a huge bonus.

I do need to start tracking my sugar again though. This is ridiculous. I at least need to see how my fasting sugar is doing. Sheesh.

If you are not diabetic yet and are still fucking around because “I’ll just go on meds if I go diabetic,” don’t do that. While you can still get to normal sugars, get your ass to normal sugars. And stay there. You’ll thank me later.