Expired domain, part deux

I looked in on the bistitchuality domain and it’s still a reasonable price, I’m just tapped right now. So this one will stay up in the air for a while.

That is all. Off to pee. ARRRRGH

Expired domain

My Bistitchuality domain has expired. I didn’t let it go on purpose, it was just a matter of not having money at the right time.

Apparently the hosting service holding that domain will still let me renew it for an actually reasonable price. I’m debating. So I have not removed the site link from the page it’s on yet.

I know I don’t get a lot of visitors here and so nobody cares, I’m just making a note of it. Carry on.

Photo sale!

Oh hey! I seem to have sold an image at BigStock. It was this one. Thanks to whoever that was. The site doesn’t tell me.

If I can get my photos organized better, I might be able to add stock without actually going out and shooting more photos. Though I would like to do that too. A stock portfolio ain’t worth much if you don’t keep adding to it.

But people seem to like my plant pics, overall. That’s what sells. That’s so funny. (In a good way.)

Administrivia: 25 March 2024

I am not sure why it took me nearly a month to follow up on the Ubering, but I finally attempted that Friday. Result: I am underwhelmed. I do need money and so I will probably persist a little bit, unless I suddenly start making regular sales on the Etsy shop or something. (And I need to work on that too. I still have stock I haven’t listed!) But it’s never going to be what it was in Columbus. I was deleting a bunch of screenshots last night and mourning my big tips. We will never see their like again. And now their watch has ended.

I looked into possibly delivering for Domino’s, but I have reservations about going food industry. I’m not allergic to work, but that industry seems to attract a bunch of People Weirdness, and I am not good at People Weirdness. I just want something straightforward with little potential for drama that I can do every day and then just LEAVE IT AT WORK and go home. I have to believe this is still possible even now. Replacing paperwork jobs with computers was just cruel.

Administrivia: 08 March 2024

It’s looking like I may go back to Ubering a couple days a week. I would try to make it a four- or five-day-a-week job, but I have to think about my car’s longevity, and Dad has flat-out stated he will never ask me to pay rent. (It’s less than six hundred a month for a two-bedroom anyway. I mean.) I hadn’t been doing it up til now because of my problems with my car starting, but that’s now been fixed. I need to be able to earn just enough to cover my bills. If I can do that then everything else will be gravy.

Part of me wants to set up a rigid schedule every week but that’s not going to be realistic. I’m fifty, suddenly I have all these medical appointments, and my dad’s 22 years older than me and has even more of them. Plus sometimes he wants to go to town or something else is going on. So I guess it will be catch as catch can.

I also want to spend more time at the library so that may mean more stuff going on with my stuff here and elsewhere. Oh, how specific. Anyway.

A note: You’ve noticed I title these posts “administrivia,” and if you’ve looked at the pages I have here you will see I’ve made up a blog category for each one. That does not mean I will title posts about those topics here in the same way. So there will be no “Nerd: Blog Title” nonsense going on. What a relief, right?

Another note: I have made a No Contact rule about exactly one person I’ve ever known, and that’s it. If he tries, he will be shut down. It is probably not who you think it is, but if I don’t answer you, there’s your answer. (If I say “fuck off,” it’s not you. No contact means no fuck off, either.) Everyone else out of touch with me, either I’m avoiding them or I have decided to stop doing all the work in maintaining contact or I have decided not to do any work in maintaining contact because it goes precisely nowhere. I don’t mean I have to get something physical or tangible out of it. I mean act like you have some idea of or interest in who I am as a person. Too many people I’ve known do not do that. It got tiresome a long time ago.

If you went NC on me and are now having second thoughts, we can try again if you can manage not to abuse me, gaslight me, or accuse me of things I’m not doing. If we’re going to have the same tired arguments again, I’m not fucking having it. You’re not evil, but you’re definitely on the wrong side of this one and until you can face that, we’ll go nowhere. Not because I want to go nowhere, but because that’s the natural consequence of this situation. I’m a human being, not a doormat. Until you understand that, we’re stuck.

Okay. Onward. See y’all later.

Administrivia: 16 February 2024

I corrected a minor thing on one page (it’s not important — I just got more repetitive than I wanted to, so I changed a couple words) and added some paragraphs to the [about] page.

Usually I want to write about personal stuff more at my personal blog, but this is important enough I’ll mention it here: We have passed mid-month, and things are going to start to get scary shortly. One thing I want to work on today is processing the new photos of those bracelets I have already listed on Etsy, as well as rewriting their descriptions. I am shit at marketing, but I should be able to produce something palatable and informative. I’m fighting with myself about going to my friend Carrie’s house when she’s out of town, which she will be this weekend, but I have blanket permission to do so, so I’ll likely go ahead. My ass is on the line. What can I say.

If I don’t photo-edit today, I’ll start work on a sample portrait. I can’t screw around with that anymore. Bracelets are nickel-diming, but I’m pretty sure with the size portrait I’m going to start with that I’ll be charging about $75 for that, postage-paid (fast shipping extra). It’s cheap for an original, but I don’t have time to deal with looky-loos who are disappointed I don’t have Walmart prices. This pretty much IS a Walmart price for what I can do. Also, I have envelopes I can actually ship them in. The portrait I did of Sandor “The Hound” Clegane is large enough that I had to go to the store and find a bigger envelope. I’m still going to be scared to ship him. Cardboard backing only goes so far. (He’s on Bristol board, so I can’t roll him up.)

Anyway. I’m actually tired of panhandling, and the past two years have seen the first time I’ve done it, but this page lists ways you can help if you are so inclined. Some people have been, and I’m grateful. One month at a time, I suppose. Phone’s about $45, hosting’s about $35 (I know, and the only reason I haven’t moved is they’re GOOD; I was getting hacked on Bluehost before I moved to them), and car insurance is $112 a month. Those are the only absolutely-have-tos except when domain names need renewing. That’s not very often.

(I have applied for work. I’m in the unenviable position of only having my phone catching signal less than one-tenth of the time that I’m home at Dad’s house. And that includes phone calls. And no one calls or, if they do, they don’t leave voicemail, which is annoying because right now it’s working. I can’t figure out if it’s my out-of-state phone number, or if they background-check people before they call and found me wanting somehow [I have zero criminal history, though], or if they saw me on social media and noped out. I’m not going to batten down the hatches just to kiss anyone’s ass. Mike Tyson still makes a living, for fuck’s sake. If you’re seriously going to argue I’m worse than he is, we have nothing left to discuss.)

Whine, bitch, moan, complain


Those of you who look in regularly are laughing at me now.


Yes! This is my latest “first post.” Will it be the permanent one? It’s a mystery!

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