This is my homepage, and I haven’t decided 100% whether it will just be a repository of links to other stuff about me or whether I’ll add any new content here from time to time. It’s LOOKING like I will — if I ever get my brain into the new routine required — at minimum use the blog part of this site to announce things I am doing elsewhere. Maybe a weekly round-up post or something. We’ll see.

Those of you who might ever look for me from LiveJournal, which I very much doubt at this point, should be aware that I no longer have a presence there. Over the years I’d held on to the account thinking that at least I would keep my account name under my own control. Maybe it’s because I’m cranky and middle-aged, maybe it’s because I just don’t want to do work for zero return (even enjoyment… I wasn’t enjoying it), but I finally decided I was done with that nonsense. There is only one post on this blog within the “livejournal” category, put here solely for this purpose. Some of you followed me to Facebook and the rest are welcome if we got along at LJ. So if you’re gonna find me, I guess this is how you’ll do it.

I may or may not have another diary-type blog wholly under my control that I use in the same way I once used my LiveJournal, as a personal diary as if I were a twelve-year-old girl. That is one of my bad habits. Forgive me. But I’m very up in the air at the moment as to whether I will ever link to it from here. And it doesn’t have my full name on it anywhere so if you don’t already know where it is, you’re out of luck. If I have one, and you’ll just have to wonder and never be 100% sure if you’re not already.

Unless I decide to link to it from here.

Which I haven’t.

If it exists.

And it might not.

Basically if it isn’t mentioned on the social media page I’m not there until proven otherwise. In other words, ask me and provide a link. And if you know me well enough to be asking me, you know how to ask me without using comments here. If you don’t, it wasn’t that important anyway. Either I’ll remember or I won’t. The world won’t end as a result of either possibility.

Anyway, look around if you want. That’s what it’s for.