another change

I don’t like the general direction my self-named Facebook Page has taken (they capitalize the P in Page over there, for some reason). If it were easy to just wipe the posts and start over I would do that, but it isn’t easy, so I’m done. I will start a new one eventually, I have to think about what to do with it first. It has been fairly directionless. In having a Page with my name on it I thought it could be sort of a catch-all for folks who didn’t get onto my friends list but in practice it has never worked out that way. Sooo… if I even care enough to bother, it’s going to take some planning.

I’m trying to think about where I can trim the carbs (ha ha) out of my life, so to speak (I’m keto, hence the bad joke), and social media’s definitely not a bad place to start.

Though there are certain things I have going on that I’m not willing to let go. I’d say “don’t worry,” but then I’d have to explain what at least one of them is for that to make any sense, and I’m not willing to discuss that subject at this time.

Anyway. So there you go.

end of an era

I’m nobody, I mean nothing, and using a title like this for a blog post is ridiculous therefore, but if you knew me on the site I’m about to mention then you understand the importance that site held for me for a looooong damn time. So here goes:

I finally deleted my LiveJournal.

I’m not going to get schmoopy about anything and I don’t care what you think. I just was in the middle of some “maintenance” work with the account and then I stopped myself and really thought about it. Why am I deleting those old entries? I’ll just be doing it again in another six months. It’s work. It’s work no one is paying me to do. I am getting nothing out of it. I don’t know why I even maintain the stupid thing.

I told myself I kept the account for so long because I didn’t want anyone stealing my account name. You know what? That’s just me trying to be a control freak. It doesn’t actually matter. What I’m going to do is I’ll set up a blog category called “livejournal”. Then if anyone has any questions about whether I’m still at LJ they can come over here, in theory, and look at my site, and see that there’s a LJ category, and they’ll find this ONE post and they’ll KNOW I’m not there.

I’m not there, folks. Okay? I’m gone. I’m done.

Never should have been there in the first place, when it gets down to brass tacks. But better late than never.


This is my homepage. There is stuff here. Look at it. That is all.