edit added 11 Apr 2017:

Spam email/messages are always, ALWAYS ignored. But if you want to waste your time, I guess…

Oh, there are SO many ways to get hold of me. I’m on a lot of the usual social media sites, but maybe you want to be able to contact me like a normal person. Yeah? Here ya go:

Snail mail

P.O. Box 14078
Columbus, OH 43214

I intend to keep this box for as long as I live in Columbus, and at this point (2017) I do not intend to ever move from this city. It might take me several days to several weeks to check the box because I mostly get junk, but if you let me know you’re sending something (see below) I’ll look more often.


(614) 233-1051

This is not my cell number, which has been the same since 2004 (when it was a landline)–if you can’t get hold of me, and you had that number, you weren’t trying. Rather, this is my Google Voice account. Just as soon not have my most personal contact info out and obvious on the Internet. (If you could whois this domain name–I think it’s got privacy settings on it–you’d see the same address and phone number.)


Email me using the following contact form. The only thing on this page really needing any sort of account, but we can still get anonymous email addresses these days, if you must. This goes to my Gmail because I get so much spam at my domain-name account (seilhan, not danaseilhan) that I’d be lucky to ever see your message. Gmail seems to be a lot saner, considering.

Note: Do not use this form to send me bullshit. It will be ignored and deleted and yes, I can tell, so don’t try to be clever.

What... is your name?*

What... is your email?*

What... is your quest?

What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? (Or tell me something actually interesting.)

*Required field

A final word on the subject

Because I’ve known a few people who caused this to occur to me: Don’t be that one asshat who has to ruin it for everyone else. If I’ve ticked you off somewhere on social media, respond to me on social media. This page is mostly for people I know who might need to get hold of me, since most people I know do not live here in Ohio near me. If you don’t know me but you’d like to say Hi in a friendly, nonthreatening way, that is fine too. I’m not going to shut this all down just because someone behaves like an asshat, but if I have to follow up your bad behavior with filling out postmaster forms and/or filing police or federal complaints, I’ll be billing you for the privilege via civil court, minimum. Good luck with that.