This is how you get hold of me outside of social media.

I have a mailing address:

P.O. Box 14952
Columbus, OH 43214

Your best bet is to send a postcard, with your return address included if you want a reply. I can’t guarantee I will respond or that I will respond quickly, but if I get mail enclosed in an envelope or a package from a name or address I don’t recognize, I for sure will never read it.

Also, here’s a phone number:


That number is Google Voice. Chances are good to fantastic that I will never call you back if you call that number because 99.9% of the calls I get there are spam so I hardly ever look at them. (I tolerate the spam because it keeps the number active.) But just in case the stars align just right, there you go. Google Voice still transcribes voicemail, though you won’t be able to text me at that number.

I still have a personal cell/mobile phone and the number that reaches me has not changed since I got my most recent landline in 2004. I simply ported it when I went wireless. If you had my number previously but don’t anymore, that’s your own fault. Feel free to contact me through social media or other means to get it again. If you haven’t contacted me in more than a year, chances are decent I might not still have your number, so please text me first and tell me who you are or I might drop you into BlockedNumbersLand. I couldn’t do that when I first started using a cell phone, but I can now.

Why no email address?

Oh, my sweet summer child. That’s how they get you. I don’t do email links, email forms, or even my email address spelled out on my websites anymore.

I have two main email addresses, a self-hosted and a Gmail. Self-hosted is my first name AT my last name DOT net, and I have recently fixed things so it works again. Gmail is myfirstnamemylastname AT gmail DOT com. If you can’t figure out either of those, I don’t want to hear from you anyway. But the Gmail alerts my phone, so if it’s REALLY important, that’s a decentish way to contact me.


If this is a legal matter, send it to my post office box. In writing. On official letterhead with address and everything. Otherwise I will assume you are trolling and ignore you. If you actually do have a lawyer trying to contact me, they already know this. I trust you can read between the lines there before you go trying something stupid.

The preceding brought to you by Every Once In A Great While I Wind Up In A Really Weird Drama Situation Because There Are Some Fucked-Up Weirdos Out There. Thanks for understanding.

Last updated: 16 February 2020