I’m on a lot of the usual social media sites, but maybe you want to be able to contact me like a normal person. Yeah? Here ya go:

Snail mail

P.O. Box 14078
Columbus, OH 43214

As long as I stay in Columbus, and at this point I’m thinking that could be a very long time, I’ll keep this box. If you let me know some way that you’re sending me mail, I’ll check more often. Right now I get to the post office maybe once every few weeks.


(614) 233-1051

This goes straight to voice mail, which Google then transcribes somehow. Don’t assume I know how to call you back, even if I know you — in other words, leave me some contact info. (And in the future, keep in touch with me better.) If I don’t know you or I don’t like you, however, you will never hear back from me. If you spam me or leave nasty messages, I will automatically not like you.

(I also do this thing of glancing at a new message long enough to pick up key words and if it looks like an insult I do not keep reading it, I just back out and delete. For what it’s worth.)


Ha ha ha ha ha. Psych. I used to have an email form here, but SOME’a’you assholes keep sending me spam despite my repeated requests that you not do so. If you actually know me, you know how to reach me by email. If you don’t, well, too bad. I could have listed here all the names and email addresses of salespeoplescammers who ignored my request not to send me spam in the hopes they’d be spammed just as much in return, but that seemed like too much work. It’d be nice if they’d have decided it was too much work to fill in an email form when I never respond to them, but never mind.


Last updated: 9 Nov 2017