family tree

There are apps, or whatever you want to call them when they’re on websites, that I could install here for the purposes of displaying a family tree that you could all read. I could also just write it all in HTML as pages on this website. But both of those sound like too much trouble.

So what I’m doing instead is working on my tree at Ancestry. At some point when I have a few generations filled out, I’ll export it as a GEDCOM and then make it available here for download.

I DO NOT promise it will be 100% accurate. I’m sure I will miss something somewhere.

I also WILL NOT put living people’s names on the tree. You will just have to fill in the blanks where that’s concerned on your own time.

But it might be a useful jumping-off point for YOU to follow up and verify entries and make sure everything’s where it’s supposed to be, especially if you live in Louisiana and can visit courthouses and look at records. I do not have that dubious advantage.

Soooooo keep an eye on this page periodically. I’ll either link directly to the file or I’ll link to where I’m keeping it. Orrrrrr you could start a free Ancestry account and then look me up. My account name there is danaseilhan.

-Last updated 2 September 2017