family tree.

I am trying to put together my genealogy while having historically been unwilling to pay for an Ancestry account to follow up and verify sources. It’s going… sort of okay? I guess? As okay as it’s going to go until I can actually look at Ancestry’s scanned documents.

I might one of these days upload a GEDCOM here so anyone from my family can download it and cross-reference it to whatever documentation THEY can find, being local to Louisiana parish courthouses and church records and such. But I make no promises as to when that will happen. And if I do it I will exclude all living people’s names, even if they would be listed as Living [Surname] in the tree. You’ll have to figure that all out yourselves.

Meanwhile, if you’re on Ancestry, I’m “danaseilhan” there. Easy find. And get your DNA done! Especially those of you more closely related to me! The closest relative I’ve got there is my daughter, and no cousins closer than second last I looked. Wait til Black Friday and buy your kit then. If you miss it, check them about once a month because they have sales throughout the year. Seriously. Every little bit helps.


Last updated: 9 Nov 2017