family tree

I was going to complicate my life and set up a sort of HTML family tree here but I’ve decided against it.

So here’s the deal. I discovered I can still use an old version of Family Tree Maker, which saves me nearly eighty bucks buying the newest version right now. I’ll be using Ancestry’s DNA hints which tie into member family trees to piece together a lot of my puzzle. When it’s gotten along satisfactorily, I’ll export the GEDCOM and either offer it here for download OR start a Google Drive account (assuming I don’t have one already because I forgot I set it up) and let you download it from there.

Living people’s names WILL NOT be available. You will just have to take that GEDCOM, download it, open it in family-tree software and fill in the blanks.

Keep an eye on this page if you’re interested. You can also connect with me on Facebook. If you think I’m a dirty dirty little black sheep and would rather not be my bestest friend, just add me on Facebook, tell me who you are, and move me over to your Restricted friends list. Then I can’t see anything you don’t post publicly. And if I find you annoying enough I’ll do the same for you, or at least unfollow you. We will, however, still be able to direct-message one another without winding up in the Other Messages folder never to be seen again, which will be incredibly helpful. Sound good? Awesome.

-Last updated 11 Apr 2017