Stuff I do on the internet purely for fun. Arranged in alphabetical order minus the articles (a, an, the).


deviantART (personal profile): When I get my act together on scanning things, all my pre-2020 art (or “art”) will go here.

A Fan of Ice and Fire. Back in 2017 I finally caved in and began reading A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, better known by semi-literate phone zombies as “the Game of Thrones books”. Then I grudgingly got into the TV show to see if I would enjoy it as much. My reaction was mixed, but watching it did open up new avenues of awareness in my life, some of them very good, so that’s something. In any case I’m more than mildly obsessed with that whole fictitious universe, and I want to blog about it (and possibly organize information in other ways) on this site. AFOIAF is still in its infancy and I have umptybillion other things going on, so if you care whether there’s anything there, please be patient. If you don’t, of course, carry on as before.

Flickr: I like photography. Though in me it seems to express itself more “hoarding every cool thing I’ve ever seen if I had a camera at the time” than as “artistic expression”. Also, pics of family and friends. This is one of my backups for my digital photos and print-scanned-to-digital. Not having negatives makes me paranoid of losing something forever. Having gone through a divorce taught me the hard way that negatives are not the be-all, end-all.

I don’t mind you following and I’m pretty open; Flickr is free to the casual member. But I need to actually know who you are before I set you as “friend” or “family” over there.

Postcrossing: I keep going inactive here accidentally because they don’t let you choose whether your addressees will be domestic or international, and I am forever running out of international postcard stamps, and they’re expensive. One of these days I’ll sort it all out. My address is not visible on Postcrossing, but if you should accidentally draw me as a recipient and you want to hear back, put your return address on the card. But (1) I have to be active before you would ever draw me as a recipient and, well, see previous statement and (2) my address is already here on the site so why would you go to that much trouble? Silly hoomin.

Also, (3) I’m terrible, most of the time, at writing back via snail mail. There’s that.

Ravelry: I knit and crochet, so at first this site was like the bistitchual person‘s nirvana. But the novelty wore off and now I just use this more to bookmark patterns I want to try (and probably will never actually make 90 percent or more of them). I’ve joined a bunch of groups there but never seem to participate.


Last updated: 30 September 2019