memory lane

I don’t have much here yet. I want to add in some photos to the header on the front page (it won’t show very well on any other page) but I’m not really in a good position to do that yet; my printer (which has a scanner built in) is still in my car and I feel averse to bringing it into my room. Probably irrational, but there it is. I’m basically white-knuckling my entire life right now, hoping I don’t terminally fuck up.

But I’ve got some poor-quality image files here and there I can share for now. Thought I would.

High school art class, 1990-1991 school year

1990-1991 school year when the first two hours of my day were spent in Commercial Art. I don’t know why they called it that. My teacher was very fine-art-oriented and that came out frequently in our lessons. Anyway, this was taken by a photographer from The Covington Leader when I won a local 4-H poster contest by one vote. I wish I could have obtained the original photo. Good photos of me are rare.

Homecoming Week, fall 1992

Homecoming Week in my senior year of high school, autumn 1991. Every individual day in the week had a theme; this was Tacky Day. I had drawn pawprints on my face because our school’s mascot was the cougar, and someone in my chorus class liked the pawprints and wanted her own.

(Years later I was working in an internal medicine practice and we all dressed up for Halloween, and one of the nurses was dressed like a convict and really wanted a fake tattoo on her face. I don’t know why she asked me, maybe I just overheard her talking and offered, but I ended up drawing one of those hearts with an arrow going through it and the word MOM on it on her cheek, also with an eyeliner pencil, just like this.)

July 1992 induction into the U.S. Army

My first morning on active duty in the U.S. Army. I frequently label it as having been taken 08 July ’92, but it may have actually been the ninth; I think it was nighttime when we got to the reception station in Missouri on the 8th and then I was up very early the next day for all the ID-card-making (what this photo was for) and such.

Nearly thirty years ago, anyway. Jeeeeezus.

official Army portrait

Taken the same day when I had woken up a little bit, but you can still see I’m exhausted if you know what you’re looking at. This wasn’t even my real uniform, just a drape (probably an actual uniform top and jacket, but not specifically mine, which I didn’t get until weeks later anyway). My real Class A uniform never got much more decorated than this, though. I get impatient with people who claim that all members of the military are “heroes” — my time in service was so lackluster it was ridiculous. When I wasn’t getting into trouble for reasons equally ridiculous. I’m amazed I got out of there with an honorable discharge, frankly.

Christmas season 1993

Christmas season 1993. That’s my former stepmom on the left. By this point she and Dad were separated but not yet divorced. I was home from the Army and firmly in the throes of my Beavis and Butt-Head obsession. Heh-heh, mm heh.

selfie in April 2012

This photo’s ten years old this month! We had a black shower curtain in the bathroom and I found it was the perfect backdrop for a selfie. Hell, no one else was taking my picture.


Don’t feel much like posting anything more recent. It’s nothing to write home about, anyway. If you didn’t know what I looked like before, now you sort of do.