I have been writing since I could pick up a pencil and spell, but I’ve never been much of a creator with it. I just use it to communicate. Sometimes I communicate well. Sometimes I communicate badly. I’m human. It is what it is. I’m not much of a talker in person unless I know you pretty well (and you actually let me; I must have I’M A LOSER/ PLEASE DISRESPECT ME tattooed on my forehead in ink only assholes can read, so I’m constantly talked over in conversations), so this is how I talk. I don’t feel so many inhibitions.

But for the last little while (several years) I’ve been dancing around the prospect of actually producing written things, not just fucking babbling. I couldn’t get a handle on what that would look like, but I’m starting to figure it out.

Anyway, this page is where I park links to that stuff.


Earthbound Misfit. Once upon a time, I used my personal blog to write about stuff that interested, bothered, intrigued, or otherwise left an impression on me. I’d like to work harder at producing actually good writing in that vein, or at least not-terrible writing, and I want it somewhere that I don’t have to worry about losing its online presence due to my current precarious financial situation. This was previously called Born With Ovaries. I still have that domain name and still firmly intend to do something with it, and I will still write about feminist issues at EBM, but there is also other stuff I want to talk about.

Letters From A Bad Mother. I need a place where I can leave messages for my kids, which they might possibly find via Google as long as Substack stays up. I don’t know whether other people would find me a bad mother if they knew all the facts. I just feel I am one, and the stupid Substack needed a title, so there you go. Even if I come to terms with everything and forgive myself, I suppose it still works as ironic humor. I am almost as fluent in sarcasm as I am in English. According to standardized testing (for English, not sarcasm… alas, but that would have been funny), that’s pretty fluent.

Last updated: 03 April 2023