site stuff

This site runs on WordPress, a self-hosted instance through my hosting service, on the Twenty Seventeen theme. The header, best visible from the home page (see menu ^^^), rotates through several images if you hit Reload a lot. Works best from a real computer, not so much a phone.

I have the Classic Editor plugin so I don’t have to deal with those ridiculous and overcomplicated blocks, plus Visitor Traffic so I can see who stops by from where. I am not anticipating a lot of traffic, and I can’t tell who you are, only what city you’re hailing from. If you’re scared, go install the DuckDuckGo browser and visit me with that.


In the past I’ve been on self-hosted Blogger (timed out), LiveJournal (trainwreck, also Russian-owned now and frequently hacked), the free WordPress blog site (lame), GeoCities (defunct), Angelfire possibly (I think it’s still there???), Greymatter (creator/developer lost interest, I miss it a lot), and various and sundry build-your-own crap that I barely remember.

I know enough HTML, plus a smidgen of CSS, to put together a readable website if all you want are words and pictures and no bells or whistles. I never learned any proper programming languages (HTML and CSS are only formatting languages, really), so I never tried putting together my own blogging whatsit. It is probably just as well. I have enough distractions.

Photos are mine, either because I took them or because they’re from family, friends, etc. and actually of me.


[Last updated: 17 July 2021]