social media

Even if you hate social media, maybe I might post something interesting once in a while.

Hey. It could happen.


Facebook (personal profile): For people I’ve actually known in person and a few longtime online buddies to keep up with me.

Facebook (public page): For people I don’t want on my personal Facebook for whatever reason. Still working out what to do with it, bit like this site, but we’ll get there.

Instagram (personal): What Flickr would be if it were actually social media. OK, I’m lying; I’ll always like Flickr better. Me on Instagram is more me goofing off and being temperamental than anything, but that’s me on social media: At my absolute best. Do you speak Sarcasm? That was Sarcasm.

Twitter: Twitter sucks, and I mostly stay because it’s a way to get some of my work (if you can call it work) out in front of a larger audience since Facebook plays silly buggers with post visibility. That’s the only reason I ever use it.

YouTube: I use my account here to watch things and make playlists and that’s about it. I have a few videos up but they are nothing to write home about and I may be rearranging things in the foreseeable future.

Last updated: 17 September 2019