You may prefer contacting people through social media rather than through snail mail, phone, or email. That’s cool. I get way too much spam anyhow. (When I first wrote this, I had OVER 21,000 NEW EMAILS IN MY SELF-HOSTED INBOX. That’s just UNCATEGORIZED emails. Never mind the ones filtered off into other folders. It had been maybe a month since I last tried paring any of it down.) So here are some other ways to reach me.

I am fairly open but also fairly protective of my online personal space. Just because someone lets you into their house doesn’t license you to shit on their rug. Long as you remember that, also some semblance of basic manners, we’ll get along fine. (If it would be rude to do it in person or over the phone, don’t do it to me here either. You would be amazed how few people understand that anymore.)
I signed up for an account here as, I think, part of some PR promotion, and I never deleted it. I’m still not sure what it’s for.

Facebook page
This is basically my public face, as I have taken my FB profile friends-only. If you’re interested in what I have to say and I don’t accept your friend request on my profile, you can always follow me here. If I blocked you from my profile you can still see my page. It’s a free country, but if you start crap there I will ban you. This page also propagates to my real-name Twitter account, so if you’re on one, you may not care about following the other. (Hint: Twitter catches more of my FB page posts than your FB news feed does.)

Facebook profile
This is my personal profile. It’s actually the third time I’ve had a FB profile. I kicked Profile One (2008/9ish-2011) to the curb when it started reminding me about a particularly horrendous ex. I kicked Profile Two (2011-2016) to the curb because somehow I had caught the attention of a vindictive person or persons in FB’s abuse department. No, I’m not kidding. The bans were adding up and getting ridiculous (I’m serious, you would not have banned me for most of these–and I have BEEN an asshole on the internet in my time), so I decided to start over. On Profile Three I have fewer than 100 friends, um-friends, and “friends” on my friends list and I’m not looking to amass a huge collection. Those on the list currently that I’ve never met in person have been my Facebook friends probably a year or more and actually interacted with me on a regular basis. So if you never knew me in person and I don’t accept your friend request, don’t take it personally, just “like” my page (see above) instead. If you have known me in person and I didn’t accept your friend request, it’s probably your fault, ya fucker. Go stand in the corner and think about it a while. (And behave on my Page or I’ll ban you.)

This is from back before Instagram was a thing. It’s a REAL photo site. I love it. I’m currently (well, when I remember to work on it) setting it up as one of my photo backups. This is what you have to do when cameras don’t produce negatives anymore. 🙁 You will not be able to see all my photos here. Some will only be visible to family and/or friends who have Flickr accounts and therefore are so marked. If YOU are someone who knows me well enough to fit into one of those categories, and you don’t have an account on Flickr, it’s free to just sign up and you get some limited amount of storage space. Then it’s something like $25 a year if you want all the bells and whistles, which is way cheaper than website hosting. (Unless you go with GoDaddy, and if you do, I don’t want to know. I think they’re disgusting.) So set up an account and then holla. Better make sure I know who you are or I will not respond to you.

Google Plus
I think this is the only social network on which a celebrity is following me where I haven’t gotten disgusted with them and blocked them (alas, I had to do that with Roseanne Barr… and not for the usual reasons).

I should post here a heck of a lot more than I do. Got a perfectly good camera phone and what do I do with it? Stick it on Facebook. Bleah.

I feel roughly the same about this as I do about my profile (see above). What is it for? I really don’t know. It seems to imply I am pursuing some sort of career. What’s a career? Why do I want one?

…Eh. Never mind. Must be part of that “responsible adult” disguise I wear so badly.

I’m not super-duper active here, but sometimes you’ll see a flurry of random activity. Most often I pin crochet and knit projects I will probably never, ever get around to completing.

Personal account. I have some others, but they tend to be connected to websites I’m farting around with, so unless I set up a page here listing those websites, I’m not going to go to all that trouble. I usually follow people back who follow me, though as I write this I’m at least 50 followers behind. I also tend to ignore DMs because the Twitterverse is insane, so don’t try to contact me directly there. It’s more of a signal boost for my Facebook, which is connected to it.

…This list may not be all-inclusive. I may or may not make it all-inclusive if it is currently not. Or something.

Last update: 11 April 2017