You may prefer contacting people through social media rather than through snail mail, phone, or email. So here are some other ways to reach me.
I signed up for an account here as, I think, part of some PR promotion, and I never deleted it. I’m still not sure what it’s for.

Facebook page
This is my public face, regardless of what I do on my personal profile. If you send me a friend request and I don’t respond, this is your other option. I don’t pay much attention to comments I get on my Facebook pages (yes, I run plural) as a general rule since so few of them add to any sort of discussion, but if I recognize your name I’ll probably go see what’s going on.

Facebook profile
This is my personal profile. I used to approve just any old friend request and I was like everyone else, looking up old high school buddies and old Army buddies and old flames and that kind of thing. Now I’m a lot pickier and Facebook feels sorry for me and constantly suggests new people I can add because I’m one friend shy of the fifty-friend cutoff where Facebook no longer does that. But I also get a hell of a lot less drama, at least from my friends list. (I’m thinking about paring back on pages and groups I follow now, too. What the hell is WRONG with you people?)

This is from back before Instagram was a thing. It’s a REAL photo site. I love it. I’m a paid member, renewed annually, and I use it as one of my photo backups since most of my photos don’t have negatives anymore. Some pics are public, some are friends-only, some are private. You don’t have to pay for a membership, so if we know one another and you’d rather follow me that way, send me a request.

Google Plus
“I wish there were some alternative to Facebook,” said everyone ever. *waves wildly in Google Plus’s direction*

I should post here a heck of a lot more than I do. Got a perfectly good camera phone and what do I do with it? Stick it on Facebook. Bleah.

I feel roughly the same about this as I do about my profile (see above). What is it for? I really don’t know. It seems to imply I am pursuing some sort of career. What’s a career? Why do I want one?

…Eh. Never mind. Must be part of that “responsible adult” disguise I wear so badly.

I’m not super-duper active here, but sometimes you’ll see a flurry of random activity. Most often I pin crochet and knit projects I will probably never, ever get around to completing.

Personal account. I have some others, but they tend to be connected to websites I’m farting around with, so unless I set up a page here listing those websites, I’m not going to go to all that trouble. I usually follow people back who follow me, though as I write this I’m at least 50 followers behind. I also tend to ignore DMs because the Twitterverse is insane, so don’t try to contact me directly there. It’s more of a signal boost for my Facebook, which is connected to it.

…This list may not be all-inclusive. I may or may not make it all-inclusive if it is currently not. Or something.


Last update: 9 Nov 2017