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Mostly listening. I tell you what, mp3s are the best thing to happen to music listeners since the invention of the guitar. Especially now that they are putting USB jacks in cars as a standard feature. I have the same playlist on a flash drive in my car and on my phone for when I want to use that for a music player, say when I’m doing housework for instance. I’m working on putting almost the whole thing into a playlist on YouTube, save a few tracks that never had videos made for them. You can find that here.

I had a very short “career” as a half-assed keyboardist, first on piano and then on electric organ, from ages five to ten. Long story, I’ll tell it elsewhere. Anyway, I may start playing around with that shit again soon. If I ever find my recital tapes, I might find some way to convert them to YouTube vids for the pure hell of it.

rory mccann

The actor who played Sandor “The Hound” Clegane in the HBO series Game of Thrones. You may have seen him as the big bald trolley boy Michael “Lurch” Armstrong in Hot Fuzz. I know someone who is familiar with the latter but, strangely, not the former.

Yes, Mister Rory’s a hottie minus the dental prosthetic and vacant expression, his fandom all agree. He’s also an accomplished musician with a gorgeous voice. That’s not all that got my attention about him, though.

I was a weird kid. In sixth grade (11 to 12 age range) I was the nerd checking books out of the school library on plant identification and fantasizing about running off to the woods to live alone in the wilderness. I don’t know if Rory ever nerded out about nature stuff, but I do know he actually lived the dream. He almost got his first acting job because he was living in caves, in fact. I don’t know how we’d have gotten along if we’d been contemporaries and neighbors (we are five years apart in age, and these days that might as well be an entire generation apart), but it’s fun to think about. I’m actually looking to him as sort of a road map for a more interesting life, in fact. Best part is I won’t be recognized a lot in public like that poor guy is.

Anyway I set up a fan site for him back in April 2019, just before his birthday. I suppose this is my first official confession outside of my Facebook profile, since I’ve been running the fan site anonymously up ’til now. It’s still not going to sink in for a lot of people until I link to here from there, which I have not done yet. That’s at Big Man Chronicles. Enjoy the mess.

[Last updated: 05 September 2021]

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