Site revamping

I think anyone who’s visited here for any amount of time can tell I vacillate between neglect of this site and being unhappy with it. The current expression of this involves me cutting out some verbal dead weight and adding more illustration on the front page. I want to add more things to this site as well and have it be a real homepage for the first time since, I guess, the early aughts, but we’ll see how that actually goes.

I was tracking who comes here from where, as well, but it annoyed me–it never places me in Columbus, only in Michigan (and before that, somewhere else in Ohio that I don’t think I’ve ever visited)–so that’s gone. If I feel a burning need to track who comes here, and not just idle curiosity, Google has tools I can use. And they’ll be INVISIBLE. MUAHAHAHAHA.

Mmkay. Carry on.