Social media… and me!

I used to be one of those people who’d write out long lists of rules for online interaction.

I’m an old fart now and it just seems like too much trouble. But I thought I’d share my thoughts on the subject nowadays, in case anyone’s curious.

I’m deliberately not on Twitter because I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve suspended me under various names and as ugly as things are getting there anymore, I know full well it would happen again. I can think of one instance in which I clearly and actually broke their rules, and that one was a stupid rule. The rest of the time, they deliberately construed something I said as something it wasn’t just to have an excuse to kick me off. It IS their website, so if they want to be petty woman-hating little bitches I guess I can’t stop them. But one of two things will be happening to Twitter in the next decade: either someone sane and intelligent’s going to buy them out (it won’t be Elon, obviously, not that he’s all that sane, but someone), or they’re going to go under. I’m waiting to see which happens before I decide whether to try again. For now, I have other outlets.

I used to be on GETTR. I’m not there anymore. Had a real-name account there a while back and deleted it months ago. Tried again under a pseudonym more recently and while there are definitely some interesting people of my political ilk there, most members are MAGAts and I just don’t like it there. So I’m done.

I don’t mind meeting new people to chat with online, but I am never going to be in your fan club; if I disagree with something you say and feel I should say so, I will say so. If you have a problem with people disagreeing with you, maybe don’t try to friend me. For my part, I can take disagreement if it’s at least honest and intelligent. If I can see you’re just spouting cliches or misinterpreting what I’ve said, I’m likely to get very irritated. Fair warning.

I am a materialist. If you don’t know what that is, it’s like an atheist or agnostic but for basically everything. Also fair warning.

I seem to be out of the dating pool for good, but just in case: I no longer online-date, and basically unless you are one particular man I’m not interested at all. If he’s aware of me and this site, he knows who he is. That is never, ever going to happen, and we all know it, so… moving on now.

If you are a prospective employer or you know me from work, fuck off. If you want to tell me you were here, consider this my quit or application-withdrawal notice. Let me know that I quit or withdrew so I can take the next appropriate steps. If you’re nice about it, I will probably even give two weeks’ notice if applicable. Thanks.

If we used to be friends or knew one another from somewhere and we’re not talking anymore, it’s one of two reasons: we lost touch, or someone did something. If we lost touch, feel free to reach out; I’ll likely be very happy to see you. If it’s the other and I haven’t tried to apologize to you by now, you’re the [more] guilty party OR I just don’t care enough to bother — I am not a heartless person, but some old bones are not worth digging up. If I have tried to apologize to you and we’re still alienated, that’s still a choice on your part. You’ve had a long time to sort it out, and here we are. I trust you know what I would say next, if I cared enough to make the effort anymore.

Family don’t know how to behave, apparently, so unless you once lived in my uterus, which comprises exactly two of you, don’t bother. At some point I will have put serious work into the family tree and will upload it as a file here, and you can then download it and pretend I didn’t do it. If I could predict the weather the way I can predict you, I’d make a killing in meteorology.

“Why’s Dana such a bitch?”

Must be genetic.

And that’s basically it. Take it for what it is.

Administrivia: 25 July 2022

This section of my homepage is where I update you on what I’ve changed here or what I’m doing elsewhere.

I’ve edited the front page for the first time in a while. “Under construction” notes are kind of hokey, aren’t they? That’s gone now. (There’s still a sort of reference to Things Being In Progress but it’s not all there is now.) Changed the name of the blog section. It’s not as original as it was, but this isn’t going to be what you’d call a fully-developed blog anyway. I have one of those, and unless I get it to where I like it better, I won’t be linking to it from this site. (And it doesn’t have my full name mentioned on it anywhere either so, unless you already know where it is, you’re not going to find it.)

I have a Substack now too. I won’t link to it yet because I need to tweak some settings again, but after that I will.

And other stuff going on, ditto.