Social (media) page updated

Title does what it says. I updated the link to my Facebook profile since yes Virginia, that has changed. As in a couple months ago at least, but I’m getting closer to the time that Profile Two (see the aforementioned Social page for an explanation) is going to go bye-bye, so I might as well get everything up-to-date.

I remembered I still need to add some things in, like my deviantART account. Well, when I get to it. Not like I put anything major at dA anyway.


Welcome to my home page. Blah, blah, blah.

In the past I’ve used this to leave messages where I think people will be able to see them regardless of our ability to contact one another in other venues. I may still do that every once a blue moon, and hopefully less often in fact, but at this point I think I need to turn this to other purposes.

First up, I’ll use this blog area to let you all know when I update something elsewhere on the site. I anticipated that months ago, hence the “updates” in the menu bar up there near the top of the page. That’s what this is called instead of “blog”. “Updates”. So I will “update” you when something here changes, if you care about that at all.

Other “updates” I may introduce in the future might have to do with things I’ve made and accomplished that might vaguely be of general public interest. Or at least the interest of people who actually know me. But we’ll see. It’s just an idea. I have a way of throwing ideas out there and then never following up, as lots of you already know. Meh.