I should put together some sort of CV. Unfortunately I haven’t done much that would make up any sort of coherent, useful résumé. So this page will be a little bit of a mess for a while but the goal is that if it’s meant to make me money in any way, even if it’s not doing so currently, it goes here. Hobby stuff will go on its own page.


BigStock: I have a tiny microstock portfolio here. Occasionally, it sells something. I need to add more to it.

Bistitchuality: A blog for people who knit AND crochet. I originally listed this under Hobbies (see menu bar up there ^^^), but then remembered I want to do an associated Etsy shop, and I’ll probably use Amazon Associates links on the blog as well WHEN I FINALLY GET THAT GOING. So it might as well go here.

FYI, that will never be one of those crafting blogs where you can’t even read the fucking content because there are ads everywhere. I fucking hate that as much as you do, so never fear. Amazon Associates ads at least are very unobtrusive. At least the ones I’ve seen.

LinkedIn: One of these days I might actually put real content here. Funny bit is, I used to have this sheet of paper in my wallet that I kept all my work history on including contact information. I have NO idea what happened to that thing. Well, now it’s been a decade and a half (as of the Last Updated date here) since I had regular paid employment AKA “a real job”, so none of that old stuff belongs on a résumé anymore anyway. Apparently employers want things you’ve done in the past decade. So there you go.

studio random: When I draw or make stuff, it goes here — anything that isn’t knitted or crocheted. Ideally the drawn/made stuff is for sale. I’m working on it.

Last updated: 30 September 2019