Yes, I know it’s back up

If you follow the fan site I run, you know it’s back up. But I didn’t want to leave things hanging here. I hate leaving loose ends. Even if it’s pointless to pick them up. Haha.

Rory’s been quite a bit more active on social media than we are accustomed to seeing him. It’s an open question whether people have been nagging him to update with the new TV show he’s doing or whether he decided on his own to post more often. I can’t even predict how long this will continue. I know he reads at least some of his comments because actor Cary Elwes (yes, the Dread Pirate Roberts his own self) has been commenting on his posts and at least once, Rory has replied. I can’t see the big man becoming an Instagram addict, though. He’s got too many interesting things going on in his life. No moss growing on that one.

I need to finish refurbing the site. It’s been in a state of limbo for a couple years now other than my occasional updates. I like to say it’ll never be finished finished unless Rory passes away or I quit, but I can at least finish moving things around like I wanted to do and then improve the header area.

And when I get that done will very likely mark the end of my running commentary there. Because it’s not MY site. Sure, it’s my site in that I own the domain and I pay for the hosting space but it isn’t about me. If people are curious, I’ll still be on the About page over there with a link to this site here. And then the commentary I was doing there, I can do here instead. Self-serving? No more than it is when I post about my personal shit there. Probably a lot less so.

I also need to put in some time on this site. It needs rearranging too. Probably won’t get to it today though. Can make no promises on how soon.

I actually am not sure where that will go. I have had some ideas about where I might like to take my life and I’ll not go into them here but Scotland’s involved somewhere. I need a thing that I can be interested in and happy about. I have too many things I’m interested in that I am not happy about. And those things do need attention, but they shouldn’t consume my whole fucking life, you know? But anyway, if I pursue the Happy Ideas, that site’s likely the first step. I want to play with it a while and then see what next steps are possible.

That was nice and clear. Like mud. Don’t worry about it.

Okay. Enough procrastinating. ‘Later.