administrivia: 31 August 2021

First up, confidential to WordPress dot org: Keep the Classic Editor plugin forever, and keep it updated.

I did not say “please”. I won’t.

I’m tired of being forced into unnecessary internetty things I don’t want. By all means continue with your ridiculous little block editor. I’m sure there are people who like it. 🙄 There are a lot of us who don’t. We don’t need it. Classic Editor meets our needs and then some.

Hell, I’m not even using the visual editor function. I’m that old-school.

You claim to be all about usability. That has got to count for all kinds of blogging styles, not just the trendy one you want to push currently.

I bet there’s some way to go back to Greymatter, or something very like it, if this becomes an issue. I know you don’t care, but stop pretending you’re the only game in town.

Think about it. Seriously.


I decided to do something a little different with the blog link in the menu bar and the blog title. I’m bored. What can I say. Life is currently all about shaking my life loose and making sure I survive the process, and it’s a remarkably tedious undertaking. This introvert actually misses people, and if I have to act stupid on the internet to make up somewhat for the lack, I guess I will do that. I’m about to miss them even more than I did already, so you can imagine how much more stupid it will get around here.


Also, strike-that-reverse-it on the social media page (see menu ^^^ ). I forgot there is a footer menu for social media links. Don’t know why I fucking care, but once it’s in place I don’t have to think about it again for a while, so there’s that.


administrivia: 30 August 2021

I sure know how to put off going to bed (it’s 3:22am as I start this). Now it’s puttering around with my homepage. I have brought some pages that had previously been hidden back online and updated. I also edited the front page. Glob knows whether I will still be happy with stuff three days from now but for now, it’ll do.

So here’s what’s here.

edited front page

about page that had had a different name briefly but it was too close to “stuff and thangs” so now it’s back to boring

contact — cleaned up nicely, does what it says on the tin (okay, no contact form, but that was abused… just follow the directions)

social media because under a previous theme the image links to my social media accounts were, I believe, on every page but they are not now, so it was go back to listing every individual account I want linked from this page and then other info underneath, YAWN.

And of course the blog but if you can’t find that, you’re not really trying. (HELLO. YOU ARE IN IT.)

And now I’m off to bed.


start here

I’ve restarted this website a whole bunch of times over the years, and every time I restart it I think, “Okay, I have a system down now,” and then… I… forget it’s here for long stretches of time, then come back and find I’m unhappy with it, then start it over.

I might do this to myself again in the future and I might not. For now, though, I’m starting again.

Happily, I have zeroed in on a WordPress theme that lets me do more or less what I want with illustration and navigation. So if you start here, you can literally follow the previous and next links to read the entire thing, assuming I ever end up with more than two or three entries.

Won’t that be a laugh.

As I start this again I’m thinking that I will probably use it to point you to new things I’ve written or made. Like, I’m thinking I might do some essays at this site, in which case I would write a blog post here (the individual posts are blog posts, not blogs… this is a pet peeve of mine) pointing you to it. If I set up an eBay listing for something, I’ll point you to that. (I do all my mailing to do with the internet through a post office box, FYI.) If I have something new on Etsy, I’ll point you to that. Et cetera. The essays alone will be more interesting, I hope, than anything I put here in the blog, and if you agree with me you’ll want to follow the blog anyway so you don’t miss the new stuff elsewhere. If you don’t agree, of course, no one’s making you read. Why are you here? Go watch paint dry or something. Jeez.

— A Note For LiveJournal Users —

Because I spent a lot of time on LiveJournal back in the aughts: I’m not there anymore. If there’s still some account I had started but have now forgotten about, let it sit forgotten. My real-name stuff is definitely gone, and this is the only post you’ll see here with the LiveJournal tag on it. If anyone I knew at that site gets curious and comes looking, here I be. I do still have a diary-type blog, but not a lot of people know about it. If I like and trust you and we get back in touch, I’ll point you to it. Otherwise, I might have things here and there for fandoms or interests or whatever, but nothing that’s personal and usually nothing with my name on it. Just this here. And my social media, assuming by the time you get here that that’s still a thing for me. At the time I post this, I’m becoming rather disenchanted with it.

[looks at sidebar with all the social media icons]


No, really though. I’ve already pared a bunch of stuff down and I’m really not sure how much longer I’ll keep the rest.

Anyway. We’ll see how this goes. Yeehaw.