Administrivia: 07 March 2022

Finally have a mailing address on the contact page (look in the menu ^^^). It is not my home address, but it is a street address because I’m not in permanent housing yet (why do we call rental houses and apartments “permanent housing”? They’re not) and I’d like to be able to get FedEx and UPS if necessary. Also I think the 43214 post office is tired of me and my mailbox drama. Hahaha.

I want to add photos here into the layout that would be visible from the front page but I’m not in a good place to do that yet. I have equipment but some of it’s still in the car, and all my photos are there too. Feel superstitious about completely unloading my car. The week I do that I’ll find myself incapable of paying the weekly rate and will have to put every fucking thing back in it again to go somewhere else. Ugh.