Administrivia: 13 January 2023

I have been trying to tell people at Instagram, and I’m not sure whether they miss my posts or they’re just being passive-aggressive Mean People*, but I’m phasing out my real-name account and am using a new one. It isn’t to avoid “consequences” or anything (I don’t think I even have any marks against me on that account, and certainly have no recent ones), I just wanted something a bit fanciful and easier to spell. If you look on the contact page, it’s linked there.

I followed people anyway and we’ll see what happens. I used to be really OCD about wanting my follows and followers to match, but I’m giving less of a shit about that these days.


I’m going through A Whole Experience right now, and I’m probably not going to write about it here but I post about it there, so if you want to follow along, have at, I guess. I have an actual blog meant to be a journal sort of thing but I may or may not get that sorted. It’s kind of an abandoned mess. But if I do get it sorted I will link to it from somewhere here. Some of you who know me already know about it.


Speaking of social media, you may have seen me mention I was going to quit Facebook. I was still debating with myself about it when my Whole Experience started, and now it feels too much like a lifeline to give up. This is not to say I never will, but I won’t right now. So that’s back on the contact page as well.


Planning on getting more added here today. There are things I wanted to do with the site which must be put on hold for now, or which aren’t going to happen because I went with a different theme than I had originally intended to use. I wish I could figure out how to do a rotating-photo header in this theme. The other one I used is I think the 2017 Theme from WordPress, and I don’t like the way they format the pages and posts. The columns are too narrow. I don’t know if I could fix that, and right now I don’t have the mental spoons to try. But we’ll see what I can get up to with what I’ve got. Naturally, because this is me and also because I’m accessing the internet from my favorite library, I’ll not be getting it all done in one day. I mean, when do I ever. Let’s be serious here. But I’ll add some things in.

Okay. Less talking about it and more doing it, I suppose. The site. Doing updates on the site. That thing.

*We’re talking about people I’ve known from as far back as age eight (though she at least clued in), so no, I’m not demanding that total strangers worship me. These are people who’ve actually, physically seen my face (I’m so sorry) and, in one instance, looked me up after years and years and years because they remembered me fondly from those times. So the ignoring me when I say “oh hey, I’m moving” when I can see they’re still posting regularly is a bit weird. Not gonna yell at ’em over it, just gonna see what happens.