Administrivia: 14 May 2023

For those who cannot be fucked looking around:

1. New job. Started almost a week ago (last Monday). Going swimmingly so far. I still have to worry about getting through training, but we’ll see.

2. Salvation Army placed me in a motel room. That time’s up this coming Friday, though I might get an additional week.

3. However. I learned I have DailyPay through work, and duly signed up for it. If I can’t get myself into an apartment this week, or in an additional week should I get one, I will have enough money by Friday to pay for an additional night here, and then on Saturday I should be able to get a weekly room. I’m not getting my full pay through the system right now, but the percentage I do get is large enough that I should be okay. Here’s hoping.

Once whatever situation I’m in has been thoroughly worked out, I should have a bit more stable base from there to either settle into a new place or to work out my own future living arrangements. Whichever. Once I’m getting full paychecks it’s my ballgame.


New article. I have some other new stuff too; just go to the Scribbler link in the menu here and have a peek around. Most of you won’t. I’m just letting you know it’s there.


I really need to quit wasting my weekends. This one wasn’t a complete wash because after having to be “on” all week I needed the brain break. But I even have personal projects I’ve been putting off since forever, and that has to stop. Being nothing but an information consumer is not good for me, psychologically. It’s likely half my problem with basically everything that’s gone to shit in my life. I’m frustrated with myself, so I hunker down, so I get nothing done, so I get angrier, and off we go.

And I need to quit hoping people will notice when I make things. You won’t. I like making things anyway, and I should start remembering that. Fuck all y’all.