Administrivia: 16 March 2023

Tweaked a bit on the contact page (see menu).

I have had problems with my voicemail for a while. I am pretty sure it coincided with getting my cheap-ass Galaxy phone, but I can’t be sure. For a while I just plain could not configure the voicemail to work. Well, recently I had an Android upgrade (the operating-system software), and now suddenly my voicemail works. Sort of. I was able to record an outgoing message, and then sometimes people can actually leave phone messages, but it’s a toss-up whether I will get the notification. Not very useful. Hence my message on the contact page. If you absolutely have to have me call you back ASAP and you know my personal number, just text me. I get unlimited texts. I think pretty much everyone does now.

Word of warning: if things improve enough for me in the next little while, I will likely replace that stupid phone. It only has 2GB of RAM (meaning the short-term processing memory, not its storage capacity) and the phone camera’s terrible, and I already had to give up my DSLR and will not likely replace it anytime soon — if I do get a standalone digital camera again anytime in the near future, it will probably just be a point-and-shoot. I would rather just skip to the end and get a phone with a good camera. And more memory. I miss my apps.

Anyway, when I do that I will probably change the number too. My life circumstances when I got the number I have now were pretty sad, and while changing my number won’t erase any of that, it feels a little bit like me reclaiming my life. It doesn’t have to make sense. Feelings aren’t rational.

If I do that I will not be sharing the number with most people who had the old one. Because what are they doing with it? Not using it. I learned a long time ago that people will forgive you if you lie but they’ll hate you for stating facts. That’s fine, I guess, if they can live with themselves but I don’t need that energy in my life. If you aren’t safe to tell the truth as you see it then you really aren’t safe. I need people around me who are safe. That’d be a first. So we’re going to try this and just move on.

There will be quite a bit of time between now and when this will most likely come up. People who have my number can certainly use it, especially if they are not planning to play the same games they did before. I don’t need my ass kissed, I just need it to not be kicked, especially when there’s no reason to do so. But if we’re going to continue with the same tired theatrics as always, hope you enjoyed not calling me, because at some point you won’t be able to make that choice anymore. I will take it away from you.

It’s all good. I suppose it’s a kind of decluttering. I’ve been doing a lot of that in the past two years.