This is how you find me outside of social media.

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 220
Iota, LA 70543

Best bet is to send a postcard with your return address on it.

Worst bet is to send something in an envelope or package with an unfamiliar name and/or return address. That will get chucked in the can, at the post office, unopened.

(A note: By “unfamiliar” I also mean “99% probability that I would never, ever get mail from said sender and/or address.” I wasn’t born five minutes ago.)

Phone number:


That is a Google Voice number. From what I can tell, GV will accept phone calls, text messages, and voicemail. I seldom check my account. If you want to get my immediate attention, this is not the best way to do it.


If you can figure either of these out, have at. My spam situation is much better these days so I might see it. You never know.

Self-hosted email: first name AT last name DOT net. Figure it out.

Gmail: firstnamelastname AT gmail DOT com. Ditto.


I apologize in advance because I’m not used to people wanting to legitimately have a conversation with me anymore and so I’ve really begun neglecting all this stuff. My poor family. I’m even bad about getting back in touch with them. I do hear from spammers, though, and I have no idea what to tell you to do that would help you stand out from them that they wouldn’t just appropriate and use to trick me. Ugh.

I tend to stay out of real trouble but, should a legal or official matter arise, I will only address it if YOU address ME via lawyer on a law office’s letterhead or government office on government letterhead, on paper, through snail mail. Otherwise, it’s a hoax and will be ignored. I am cranky and cynical and quick to distrust. Proceed accordingly.

[Last updated: 29 September 2021]