This is how you get hold of me outside of social media.

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 14952
Columbus, OH 43214

Best bet is to send a postcard with your return address on it.

Worst bet is to send something in an envelope or package with an unfamiliar name and/or return address. That will get chucked in the can, at the post office, unopened.

Phone number:


That is a Google Voice number. I have been confused about this service for a while. Here is my latest understanding, which may still be incorrect: It won’t transcribe messages unless I ask it to (and probably pay for the service), but it will accept voice calls and text messages. THERE. I refuse to give out my actual cell number to people I don’t trust with it, but I don’t care what happens to the GV number because if it gets too spammed up I’ll just pay ten bucks and change it and then NOT list it here HA HA HA. But if you’re sincere, your best bet is to text me. If you’re texting to sell me something, unless I opted in, you will not hear back from me. I say this because I’m pretty sure spammers harvest phone numbers off websites now the way they’ve always done with email. Oh well.

Why no email address?

Oh, my sweet summer child. Bad enough that spammers harvest my fake phone number.

Self-hosted email: first name AT last name DOT net. Figure it out.

Gmail: firstnamelastname AT gmail DOT com. Ditto.


Legal and official matters will only be addressed if YOU address ME via lawyer on a law office’s letterhead or government office on government letterhead. Otherwise, it goes in the recycle bin at the post office. I am cranky and cynical and quick to distrust. Proceed accordingly.

Last updated: 27 March 2021