[19 March 2021] Stuff I do on the internet purely for fun. Arranged in alphabetical order minus the articles (a, an, the).


deviantART (personal profile): When I get my act together on scanning things, all my pre-2020 art (or “art”) will go here.

A Fan of Ice and Fire. Back in ’17 I finally started reading a certain book series which most of you know better as the Game of Thrones TV series. Yeah, I’m slightly obsessed with it. But I’m not terribly fond of most of what’s out there in the fandom. I haven’t 100% decided where to go with this yet, but I’m getting more of an idea.

Postcrossing: Haven’t used the site in years and keep going inactive because they give you addresses at random and I don’t usually have international postcard stamps in the house, damn me. But I would LIKE to start up again one of these days soon.

Ravelry: I knit and crochet, so at first this site was like the bistitchual person‘s nirvana. But the novelty wore off and now I just use this more to bookmark patterns I want to try (and probably will never actually make 90 percent or more of them). I’ve joined a bunch of groups there but never seem to participate.