The More You Know

While I make fun elsewhere of the idea of an About page on a personal website, I wanted to go over some possible issues of contention in regards to my suitability as an acquaintance, friend, relative, employee, or indeed functioning member of society.

Anyone performing a criminal background check on me will find exactly bupkis. I’ve heard it said that each of us breaks an average of four laws a day but apparently, none of my supposed* lawbreaking has merited any official attention, ever. That’s probably because I don’t do things that generally disrupt society or deprive others of property, health, or life.

Anyone performing a driving-record check will find, if they dig far back enough, one speeding ticket in Tennessee and one expired-plate ticket and I forget where that one happened. It was either Georgia or North Carolina. And both occurred in the late nineties.

Anyone performing a social-media check may come away with other conclusions. I can’t tell you what to think, but I will point out a few salient facts.

1. I don’t go around depriving people of friends, income, jobs, or freedom because of what they believe. You might, though.

2. I am not a religious fanatic, nor have I replaced religious fanaticism with pseudoscientific fanaticism. One or the other might apply to you, though.

3. I don’t chase after people in person to make what I think or believe about reality a problem for them. If they ask me, or if it seems relevant to the conversation and I’m feeling brave, I might say something in the ordinary course of conversation. Given the general trend of politics anymore, especially as pertains to women’s position in the world, I may become slightly more assertive in these matters, but only in the name of being heard and understood. And I’m still mulling that over because it is disturbing to me how few people on this planet actually want to hear and understand what I have to say. If only I’d been born with a penis they would take me seriously but alas, here we are.

I will just say this: If you’re refusing to hire women who know what a woman is; or if you want to see women rendered isolated, homeless, or worse for knowing what a woman is; or if you approve of surgically mutilating gay and lesbian teenagers to approximate the appearance of a heterosexual person of the opposite sex, you are not the good guys.

If you haven’t even stopped to think about what you believe, only signed on to the latest fad? You might want to stop and think about it. A lot. Before you EVER judge me.

Long story short: Will I embarrass your organization? Only if you go around trumpeting my last name to every prospective customer or client. If you don’t, there should never be a problem. I in turn will not be adding your organization to my social-media profiles. If you can handle that, so can I.

But if I were you, I’d be thinking less about impressing the gender cult and rather a lot more about how it’s going to look in ten years that you supported eugenics, anti-feminism, conversion therapy, quackery, and the society-wide organized abuse and harassment of women and girls and gay men.

I’m not the one who should be on the hot seat here. Or anywhere. Or ever. That would also be you.

Sooooo before you judge me and try to ruin my life? Think again.

The end.

*I have definitely been guilty of speeding a time or three over the past nearly thirty years, though I don’t make a habit of being a leadfoot. But I’ve never cut the tag off a mattress. Pinky swear.