Welcome. Again.

If you have been here before, and I suspect quite a few of you have, I’ve started this blog over about a billion times. That’s more how it feels to me than an actual record, but I suspect my numbers are not off by much.

(Okay, okay, they’re off by a lot. BUT STILL.)

I suddenly find myself with a lot of time on my hands, so I want to make use of it. So I’m going to be working on this a bit.

Also, for those of you who came here from my better website, yes, I intend to work on that too. We’ve got us some really shitty weather in the pipeline and anyway, Mondays through Wednesdays are pretty dead during the day for my usual delivery work. I’ll have lots of time to kill. (Take that, Queen of Hearts.)

(Did I ever tell you my mom used to read poker cards and I was always Queen of Hearts in her readings?)

(No? Never mind.)

Anyway. We’ll see how this goes. Again. 🙄