I have been writing for nearly all my life, but I don’t think I have ever been published, save for a few letters-to-editors over the years. Most of my writing is conversational or ranty. It hasn’t really served any commercial purpose.

That said, for some weird reason I seem to attract writers to me on social media. Sometimes they write me off as a nut or a bitch (Mikki Kendall in particular) and go away again, but sometimes they stick around. I’m guessing this is mostly birds of a feather flocking together. And writing is not something I feel comfortable abandoning. I suppose I might as well do something with the tendency.

So, I have a Substack. Who doesn’t, right?

Everyone can read it for free. If you want to comment there, it’s $5 a month for the privilege. I love having discussions with people, but all too often I’ve seen what happens when people want to use your venue for their soapbox. I’m not putting myself through that emotional labor for free anymore. “Periodt,” as the kids say.

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August 2022

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Why trans women need misogyny
What I think of transgenderism

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