Dana Seilhan

[this is my homepage. there are many like it, but this one is mine.]


[fake Cajun accent] How y'all are! This is my homepage. You know, the thing all us old fogies had before they invented Linktree. If it's here, it's mine. If you see it and it's not here, ask me (see below).



Email: firstnamelastname [at] gmail [dot] com OR firstname [at] lastname [dot] net

If you don't understand either of those, I don't want you emailing me anyway.

Phone: If you know my number, text me. If you don't know my number, email my gmail address I mention above. It alerts my phone.

I sometimes block numbers. If you never hear back, take the hint.

My voicemail is often borked. I'm serious: don't just leave a VM. Text.

Postal mail: [pending]

Social media:

deviantART (personal)
Facebook (for "friending")
Facebook (for "liking")
Instagram (personal)
Paper Moon Café (Discord chat room)


I accidentally deleted some stuff lower down. No idea what happened. I will fix this later. It's almost 4am as I write this update.

Last updated: 18 November 2023

[Hand-coded in Notepad]