This is what we old farts call a “homepage.” It is just where I put stuff about myself as a sort of weird online introduction to total strangers. 🙄 I’ve been on the internet since 1995 or 1996 and it would feel weird to not have my own territory here. Especially when most of the public internet spaces are all about corporate profit these days rather than about community. I’m so tired of it.

This is also a central place where people I know can go to find out how to, well, find me. Hopefully it appears up-top in my Google search results. I have not googled myself in years, and do not intend to anytime soon. I’m sure it’s a trainwreck. But as long as it brings you here, I’m good.

tech specs

This site runs on WordPress, a self-hosted instance through my hosting service, on the Twenty Seventeen theme. The header, best visible from the home page (see menu ^^^), rotates through several images if you hit Reload a lot. That feature works best from a real computer, not so much a phone. (I haven’t tried it on a tablet, but tablets seem to work a lot like phones, so I’m not optimistic.)

I have the Classic Editor plugin so I don’t have to deal with those ridiculous and overcomplicated blocks, plus Visitor Traffic so I can see who stops by from where. I am not anticipating a lot of traffic, and I can’t tell who you are, only what city/state/country you’re hailing from. If you’re scared, go install the DuckDuckGo browser and visit me with that.


In the past I’ve been on self-hosted Blogger (timed out too much), LiveJournal (trainwreck, also Russian-owned now and frequently hacked), the free WordPress blog site (lame), GeoCities (defunct), Angelfire (it’s still there!!! I don’t think my old site is, though), Greymatter (creator/developer lost interest, I miss it a lot), and various and sundry build-your-own crap that I barely remember.

I know enough HTML, plus a smidgen of CSS, to put together a readable website if all you want are words and pictures and no bells or whistles. I use blogging software to make layout and updating easier. I never learned any proper programming languages (HTML and CSS are only formatting languages, really), so I never tried putting together my own blogging whatsit. It is probably just as well. I have enough distractions.


Unless I find something really compelling to quote, which I will attribute appropriately, all the writing’s mine. If it’s an image it’s either mine, of me, or relevant to me in some way and hopefully I know enough about it to attribute it.


For a quick catching-up to what I’ve been doing lately, should I remember to share it here, you’ll want to keep an eye on the blog.

If you’re one of those people who likes to read a blog all the way through, the first post is here and there will be navigational links. Or am I the only one who ever does that? I know. I’m weird.

comment policy

I don’t allow comments on my websites. There was a time I would have. It just ends up being a pointless distraction. I don’t necessarily believe in echo chambers, but I also don’t believe in being confrontational just because you disagree with someone (example: interpreting everything a woman says that isn’t 100% agreement as “confrontational”), and I seem to have attracted more than my fair share of sexists, narcissists, and sociopaths over the course of my life. Even when people are nice, there are too many people with poor reading comprehension skills trying to tell me what I know I said or asking questions I already answered. Writing is work. You’re not paying me. I am done with all of that. Go start your own site if you want a soapbox. I hear Wix is lovely.


Yeah. Wix. Go try them.



…And that’s all I have to say about that.


[Last updated: 30 August 2021]