social media

[19 March 2021] Hi! This used to be where I listed all my social-media and social-media-ish accounts. They all have their own icons in the sidebar now (down below this content section if you’re vertical) with the exception of my public Facebook Page (not my personal profile), which anyone can “like” and/or follow if they want — though I rarely do anything there, sometimes purge everything, and sometimes think about taking it down. This is my catch-all for people I don’t want on my personal profile. If I don’t know you but you want to benign-stalk me, my Page is where you go.

Now this page is about my general social-media philosophy and policies. Sounds pretentious, I know. Tough.

Facebook and MeWe: At this point my “following” on Facebook (no one on MeWe yet, maybe not ever) consists of a few people I’ve known from the internet for many years and several family members and other people I’ve known in person. That’s how I’d like to keep it. No more “meeting strangers online.” If you find something I did elsewhere interesting and want to follow me, that’s what the Page I already mentioned is for.

If I dropped you off my profile and you’re not family, you likely won’t be coming back UNLESS I lost you because I deleted one account and started another one. If that’s you, I’ll remember, so just come ask. If you never ask, I’ll assume you lost interest.

If I dropped you and you’re family, that probably happened during the period of time on Facebook that I didn’t know how the friend controls worked. Like as not I thought you were constantly spouting offensive bullshit and I didn’t want to read it anymore, and I didn’t know I could just unfollow you but keep you around. If you want to try again, I’m game. If not, that’s cool, just understand I wasn’t trying to cut you off forever.

If you walked away from me, believe me, I noticed. You can stay gone.

Flickr: I use that site to back up my photo collection because my dumb ass never got them all printed and there are some I really don’t want to lose. As such, even though if you put it on the internet it’s never absolutely 100% private, I’ll be using privacy settings there for some things. I don’t care who follows me, but what you’ll be able to see will depend greatly on who you are. I will check, too.

LinkedIn: I really do not know why I still have an account there. However, I am attempting to build some sort of career relatively late in life, so perhaps it will come in handy. You never know. As I go along in this process, the profile will become less lame-looking, too, I hope.

I PREFER to hear from people I KNOW at this point on LinkedIn, for hopefully obvious reasons, but that may change as I progress. We’ll see.

Everything else: I have the accounts as listed (see first paragraph above). This does not mean I’m constantly active on them, and I am less control-freaky about my interactions there, though I’m still fairly unlikely to read direct messages or replies or similar. (I spent many, many years getting sucked up in internet drama. I’ll never get those years back.) So whoever follows me, follows me. As long as you behave, you can stay.

Speaking of which…

Interactions: Remember your fucking manners. I trust I do not need to say any more than that.