Note: Putting this together will take a bit of work and I’m hungry, so I’ll go more in-depth later.

1. Artist

I had kind of a reputation as an artist when I was a teenager. I was okay, but never really had that creative spark that real artists have. I kind of saw myself as more of a human Xerox machine, and not even a very well-calibrated one.

Here’s a recent attempt, though I didn’t finish it.

Oh yay.  An arm.

Next most recent, also never finished and I attempted it three times.

Same guy, just face

I’m too slow, which is why I’ve never made a living at this.

2. Yarny stuff

I crochet and knit. I’ll show off some of that here eventually.


I do other stuff too. Ditto. I’m gonna go eat now, and edit this later.

Last updated: 13 January 2023