I thought about titling this page “feminist,” but I hesitate to slap that label on myself in any serious way. My GOAL is to be feminist in my politics, but I don’t want to be that fool we’ve all run into who claims to be feminist and then 3/4ths of her political stances harm women and girls in the real world. I am a work in progress and I am sure to get it wrong sometimes, so I would rather make feminism into an aspiration than an identity. I think that’s best.

I definitely am down for the movement to liberate female people from the patriarchy. There are so many battles we are fighting in this millennia-long war. Pick one or a handful, basically, and get to work. We need you.

I’ve got a couple things I want to build on.

1. Born With Ovaries I have not decided yet whether this will be a blog or else a message forum that women can chat on without being banned for saying “men are trash,” which we all want to say at least once a day when we read the latest headlines. Meanwhile all the social media sites allow rape glorification and child sexual abuse. Explain this to me like I’m five. So we need more of our own spaces. I’m leaning more toward the message forum because we don’t have enough of those which are both woman-controlled and exclusively female. The only thing making me hesitate is knowing I’ll have to moderate it or trust other women to do so. The problem is, to restate a popular geek slogan from the nineties, “On the internet, no one knows you’re a troon.” There is ALWAYS the problem of infiltration. So I may go with blogging after all. I don’t know yet.

Uh, and I also want to sell pro-woman merch there. I don’t ask for much, do I. I figure that if that takes off at all, it would make the site self-sustaining. If we start having trouble with the online print-on-demand services, I’m pretty handy with tools and techniques and learning new ones when I need to. That won’t be a problem for long.

2. To be announced! If you’ve known me long enough on the interwebs then you may have heard about this. I have at least one more step I want to take before I make this wholly public. I shouldn’t even have to worry about it, but I never know who’s stalking or what they’re capable of. Best to be cautious.

One thing I hate about this whole war is the way you have to make yourself sound like a crazy person just to describe what is going on in your fight. If you think I’m nuts, you should see what the guys who hate us are saying when they think no one important is reading.

Or just read the daily headlines. It’s there, if you know what you’re seeing.

I would like to share any updates about the above on the blog under the category woman. If you click on that and there’s stuff, I’ve started.