If you ever saw the Facebook page Making Daleks Beg For Mercy, that was me. It never got as active as I wanted, and it did not survive the Great Page Purge of Whatever Year It Was (2021 maybe?). I still like Doctor Who but am not keen on fangirling after the franchise anymore. The creators and some of the actors seem to have gone straight off the deep end. (I don’t mean Jodie. I liked her.)

Also big love for Star Wars, but I don’t feel particularly inspired to do a lot of fandom stuff around that franchise, and it doesn’t help that Disney now owns them and is litigation-happy.

But I’ve got a project ongoing:

Big Man Chronicles – I will not say this is the most active Rory McCann fan community on the internet. I will say it may be the most active fan website, as opposed to social-media account, about McCann on the internet. It’s kind of in limbo right now because my life went to shit, but occasionally I update the blog and I’ve got tentative plans to make it cooler. For me, anyway. I don’t care if you like it. Long as Rory doesn’t hate it, I’m good.

Did you know you can nerd after other things besides TV shows and movies and comic books? I’ve got this little project so’s I can fangirl after an entire country. Alba gu brΓ th!

I WILL visit Scotland one day. Oh, yes. I will.

If there are updates about any of the above in the blog, look for those under the category nerd. If you click and there’s stuff, I’ve started.