The only things I’ve published anywhere but on my own platforms up til now have been letters to editors. But writing is the one thing I’ve consistently done since before I graduated high school. Other people didn’t notice (well, unless I was writing to them) until everyone got on the internet because I wasn’t producing material for sale.

I decided to put more effort into writing to be seen, writing to educate, and writing for pay. Might as well.

Here is my Substack: Earthbound Misfit

At this point in my life I am coping with a really bad cellular signal where I live. I have a friend who has issued an open invitation to visit her and use her internet connection; she likes the company, and appreciates that I don’t talk a whole lot. (She has actually said this.) But that’s not perfect. If someone gets sick, for instance, I don’t go over there because I’m mindful of the risk to my father, who is medically fragile. I thought to write ahead and have a bunch of scheduled posts ready for publication at the Substack but have not perfected my system yet. So there should be regular content, but it’ll only be as regular as I can make it.

The other problem is I can’t look things up with any reliability because what home internet I can grab is too slow (I’ve even seen Wikipedia choke, and that’s not a primary source), so at this point in my venture you will see me voicing opinion much more than connecting factual dots. Or I’ll state something I know to be fact but won’t have a link to back it up. I recognize that these are weaknesses. At some point it should get better.

I’d like to explore writing other things. We’ll see. I already have too many interests and no time to chase them all. But I do type fast (100+ wpm if alphabetical only), so that’s a plus.

If you want to see updates about my writing projects, check out the category writer on my blog. If there’s stuff there, I’ve written about it. So to speak.