Expired domain, part deux

I looked in on the bistitchuality domain and it’s still a reasonable price, I’m just tapped right now. So this one will stay up in the air for a while.

That is all. Off to pee. ARRRRGH

Expired domain

My Bistitchuality domain has expired. I didn’t let it go on purpose, it was just a matter of not having money at the right time.

Apparently the hosting service holding that domain will still let me renew it for an actually reasonable price. I’m debating. So I have not removed the site link from the page it’s on yet.

I know I don’t get a lot of visitors here and so nobody cares, I’m just making a note of it. Carry on.

Photo sale!

Oh hey! I seem to have sold an image at BigStock. It was this one. Thanks to whoever that was. The site doesn’t tell me.

If I can get my photos organized better, I might be able to add stock without actually going out and shooting more photos. Though I would like to do that too. A stock portfolio ain’t worth much if you don’t keep adding to it.

But people seem to like my plant pics, overall. That’s what sells. That’s so funny. (In a good way.)