Administrivia: 07 July 2024

Finally! I have everything back up except the few photos, and I’ll get those when I get ’em. I INTEND to get that done a lot more quickly, after posting this post, than I had been in getting the site back up in the first place.

Never fear. I had everything backed up, including my own little system for remembering where to stick the photos, before Old Host went down. This place was never in any danger unless my hard drive got wi-AVERT AVERT NEVER MIND but anyway, things looked optimistic and, turns out, deservedly so. Whew.

I really need to update the photo on the front page. My hair’s longer, for one thing. Will I? Who fucking knows.

Oh, um, shit. I didn’t put my bottom menu back yet. Let me go do that. Onward!