Administrivia: 22 June 2024

Okay, everybody. We’re going to see some upset with some functionality for a bit. I am desperate to get my expenses down until I can get my income up, and probably even then because I have a LOT of economic recovery to be doing. So I am changing my website hosting service for the first time in five years.

I hate to leave Old Host because on the service side of things they’ve been good to me, but on the fiscal side of things they’ve been fucking awful. New Host is reputable (if I told you who they were and if you are at all familiar with hosting services, you’d probably recognize their name — they’ve been around for a good while) and currently holding a hosting sale where it’s around forty bucks for a year for me. Which is five dollars more than I was paying Old Host per month. Nope. I’m outta here.

So if for some bizarre reason you know my first name AT last name DOT net email address, that’s not going to work until at least the 27th. I have it all set up and I’ll know it’s working when Thunderbird stops whining at me about it.

This site may hiccup too because I’m not moving the domain name yet but will be migrating the site. I would just do it myself but I want to see if the official migration service with New Host will move the photos too. I’m currently testing this with another of my websites but I can’t remember if I have photos there or just links. We’ll see how that goes. Whee!

[edit] The site migration seems a mite complicated. Manual migration it is, then. Bleah.