Administrivia: 25 March 2024

I am not sure why it took me nearly a month to follow up on the Ubering, but I finally attempted that Friday. Result: I am underwhelmed. I do need money and so I will probably persist a little bit, unless I suddenly start making regular sales on the Etsy shop or something. (And I need to work on that too. I still have stock I haven’t listed!) But it’s never going to be what it was in Columbus. I was deleting a bunch of screenshots last night and mourning my big tips. We will never see their like again. And now their watch has ended.

I looked into possibly delivering for Domino’s, but I have reservations about going food industry. I’m not allergic to work, but that industry seems to attract a bunch of People Weirdness, and I am not good at People Weirdness. I just want something straightforward with little potential for drama that I can do every day and then just LEAVE IT AT WORK and go home. I have to believe this is still possible even now. Replacing paperwork jobs with computers was just cruel.