More updates to the big man’s site

Small stuff, but a blog post and an editing of the Photos page and a NEW PHOTO ADDED OMG.

You will just have to find it. It’s not actually NEW new. It’s just new to the site. There’s a shortcut to find it if you can figure that out.

I added a little bit of snark and I probably won’t keep it, but that’s just my mood right now. Can everyone please stop fucking watermarking celeb photos that you didn’t actually take? Please? I’m begging you? Especially when it’s clear you’re a SanSan fetishist. Cringe.

I’m changing my approach a little bit with this stuff though. I will still link to sources but I’m going to host as much as I feel I can get away with actually on the fan site instead of relying on embeds. I don’t entirely like it, but several years back I experienced my embeds disappearing because someone changed the back-end code and I don’t know if that’s happened again, but I want to guard against it. Now, I’m not going to swipe every photo of Rory I see, but I’m gonna grab the representative stuff. And if anyone wants to sue me for that, you better get your lawyers ready because you’re gonna have to sue all of Instagram and Pinterest too. And MY lawyer’s gonna see that you do. If I can retain one.

But most people are reasonable about fan sites. It’s not like the big man is CEO of Disney. I’ll still link to sources when I know them, too. Hopefully, that helps.

What the fuck is wrong with Pinterest? I was trying to find the old story about him rocketing his ass down a snowy mountain because he was cold and impatient, and I had to sell the book it was in when I was about to leave Ohio, and Pinterest was the only place I’d seen it. I don’t think I saved it off of there? But anyway, the site’s fucked. I can’t load it, and when I googled the situation, turns out the site was having weird errors for days or weeks before now. Rut-roh. I never used it worth a dern, but for some reason I’d hate to see it go.

Oh well. Onwards and whatever.