Administrivia: 18 May 2024

If you follow my personal blog or my social media then you know I’m about to relocate for the second time in less than a year. If I had to sum up my situation it would be “I need to stop associating with late-stage alcoholics.” I have been working on my exit from Louisiana for a little over two weeks, and I leave tomorrow night, heading for what sounds like a much happier or at least safer situation. “Safe” in the sense that I will have breathing room to improve my situation without being treated like a criminal. I already have a game plan for when I get where I’m going, and things should improve fairly quickly if it works out, but I count on nothing. That’s the game plan, anyway. Plans don’t mean squat when the universe has other ideas.

I mean, as it is I’ve done a 180 from two positions previously adopted: I didn’t want a roommate and I never wanted to move to California. But my prospective roommate seems relatively sane — by my standards, which are the only ones that really count here — and that particular area of California has much nicer weather than here in Louisiana. More important is the having breathing room. I haven’t had that in two years and it was really messing up my life. Now let’s see what I can do.

So at some point my contact info will change — I will not be keeping my Ohio number either, as I need a cheaper phone service and I will just get a new number rather than port mine — and you’ll see that at the bottom of the page here. I need to adjust some other information that’s already changed, too. I’ll get on that now.

Wish me luck.