Tag, you’re it

I am in the middle of moving articles on the fan site, and it’s going slower than I would like, and the reason it’s going slower is because I’m adding in tags so that the tag cloud will work.

I just want to get things MOVED, so I think at this point I will just move the articles, and then I will go back in later and add the tags.

If I add the tags. I’ll think about it some more but, given that the site has a search bar, I may decide to ditch them entirely. I’ll have to look up what effect that has on SEO, however, because even though that site lands on page one of Rory McCann search results on Google, so far it’s mainly the page about his love life, which I’m not even sure I want to keep. I’d like to see more stuff about Rory hit that front page instead of the spam you see in half the fucking results list. If the tags help my rating, great. If they don’t help, there’s no use keeping them.

Anyway, just wanted to share that thought process. Back to it. This should go faster now.

FYI, I’m going to do the same with the photos and videos and so on. I’m debating whether I even want to keep calling the blog page a “blog.” Not an important debate just now but, as I’m changing what goes there, I’ll want to consider it later. If anyone out there is hard-linking to anything I’ve got on the site, you may want to check in from time to time. I doubt it, but I’m covering all my bases here.

[EDIT] I can never seem to just wait to find something out. Turns out tag pages are bad for SEO. Okay, I’m killing the tag system AND the tag page. If y’all want to learn about something, the search bar will more than suffice. Glad I got that sorted out.